Opening in 2000, Canberran’s have grown to love Bread Nerds range of artisan breads, delicious New York style boiled bagels and wholesome pastries and cakes. We are Canberra’s largest privately owned bakery and we hand form all our breads. With a vision of creating wholesome, quality produce using natural ingredients, free of artificial colors and flavorings, we feel our products contribute to a well-balanced healthy diet. For our artisan sourdough we use natural leaven yeast about 10 years old. The bagels are boiled and then baked which gives them that chewy texture that everyone loves. Here at Bread Nerds, we are always looking at exciting new innovative products to stimulate the taste buds of our customers. Our aim is to create delicious, high quality products for the local Canberra community. 


Where to Buy

·    Anslie IGA                                     ·    Freddy Frapples

·    Campbell IGA                                 ·      Mart Deli

·    Deakin IGA                                    ·    Griffith Shop Rite

·    Farrer IGA                                     ·      Choku Bia Jo

·    Hackett IGA                                  ·    Capitol Region Farmers Markets

·    Isabella Plains IGA                        ·    Southside Woden CIT Markets

·      O’Connor IGA                                 ·    Old Bus Depot Markets



Hidden away in the industrial streets of Hume, our quirky little café showcases a range of beautiful products. We make a large variety of sandwiches fresh every day, plus gourmet pies, sausage rolls, bacon and egg rolls and an array of delicious sweet treats.  We also have a selection of artisan bread and traditional New York style bagels for sale every day in our Café. Our coffee is made with a local ONA blend that makes for a delicious latte or flat white, whatever takes your fancy! Whether you are a tradie that wants a hearty lunch or a mum that wants to have a coffee and a pastry with a girlfriend, the Bread Nerds Café has exactly what you need. 


Capital Region Farmers Markets

These hustling and bustling farmers markets are absolutely some of the best in Canberra. Put on every Saturday Morning by the Rotary Club of Hall, this market is filled with the freshest products sold only by local people of the region. With over 100 stall holders and thousands of customers that come through, there is never a dull moment at the Capital Region Farmers Markets. Every Saturday we take out hundreds of sourdough loaves, bagels and sweets, aiming to supply Canberra with the freshest and highest quality products possible. We are proud to have been going to this market for the past 10 years and will continue to do it for many more to come. 

Southside Farmers Markets

The Southside Farmers Market is a village market that is held every sunday at the Woden CIT. The market has a great range of fresh, seasonal produce from around 60 stallholders each week. We take our sourdough, bagels and sweets every week to provide the residents of Southside with freshly baked goods. 

The Old Bus Depot Markets

This is the market where Bread Nerds sold our very first bagels so it holds a special place in our hearts. Stall holders sell anything from delicious food to hand made crafts, jewellery and clothing. In the beautiful old industrial building, this market is the perfect place to take a Sunday stroll and soak up the atmosphere.  



Bread Nerds delivers seven days a week to any area of Canberra. Please note that for new large-scale orders of bread we would require at least two days notice. Our process for sourdough involves mixing our dough and forming on day one. Then storing overnight in our computerized retarder prover and baking the next morning. We only bake what has been ordered and do not generally have more then a couple of loaves and bagels spare every day to minimize wastage.

Our online ordering system is ‘Ordermentum’ which allows you to place your own order when required.  Orders must be placed before 3pm on Ordermentum for next day delivery. Please contact the Bread Nerds office to either get the details for the guest log in or to have your own personal account set up.  Do not hesitate to call us if you would like further information. 


Have you placed your order for tomorrow yet? Log on to 'Ordermentum' now and check! 



Unit 4, 92 Sawmill Circuit Hume. 


Head Office- 62601006
Hume Cafe- 62602062



Join the team

Send your CV and resume to accounts@breadnerds.com or phone 62601006.